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JOVS Venus Pro™ II Hair Remover
JOVS Venus Pro™ II Hair Remover
JOVS Venus Pro™ II Hair Remover
JOVS Venus Pro™ II Hair Remover
JOVS Venus Pro™ II Hair Remover
JOVS Venus Pro™ II Hair Remover

JOVS Venus Pro™ II Hair Remover

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  • ICE Cooling with Hair Remover ICE Cooling
  • Six modes of Jovs Hair Remover 6 Modes
  • Six Energy levels of Hair Remover 6 Energy Levels
  • ICE Cooling Head: Made from full-screen ultra-thin sapphire, constant temperature of 5°C to ensure treatments are painless.
  • 6 Modes: Precise hair removal for face, arms, underarms, legs, bikini line
  • 6 Energy: Choose from 6 intensity levels and unlimited flashes for professional-level results.
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6 Modes Available

6 dedicated modes for different areas of the body, each mode with 6 levels of intensity

330° Rotating Head

The rotating head and 0.7 flash burst allows you to remove body hair in 7 minutes or less.

Dynamic Cooling System

Made from full-screen ultra-thin sapphire, and with a consistent temperature of 5 °C on the surface of the skin, it achieves a cooling sensation, making hair removal completely painless, even in the most sensitive areas.

Innovative hair removal technology of JOVS-Pioneer

Targeted treatment

6 treatment modes for customized treatment areas. JOVS delivers a more effective, safe, and long-lasting result.

Multi-Frequency Plus Technology

Multi-frequency continuous pulse technology(MFCPT) renders obsolete traditional IPL technology. The light energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft and is transformed into heat. This heat destroys the hair so it won’t grow back, while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected.

Advanced OPT Hair Removal

OPT continuous pulse technology: traditional wide spectrum of light pulse is upgraded to narrow spectrum. The efficiency is increased by 60% compared with other IPL hair removal devices, which reduces the treatment cycle and improve the hair removal result at the same time.

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Why Choose Venus Pro II

Is hair removal at home work for me ?

Operate Easily

Step 1

Shave your hair in hair removal part.

Step 2

Plug the device and turn on the power.

Step 3

Turn on the machine and select the gear energy position.

Step 4

Adjust to the mode which you want, vertically contact the depilator with the skin.

Step 5

Wear goggles and hit the first time(Without attachment or use bikini magnetic attachment.)

Step 6

Configure the corresponding SR head, repair damaged skin (Hit the second time.)


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Let’s Answer Your Questions

  • Q1: What is the basic principle behind hair removal? 

    We have all experienced those dark spots, stubble, and other unsightly scenes caused by remaining hair follicles after unsuccessful traditional hair removal methods. JOVS Hair Remover uses intense pulsed light(IPL) technology to isolate the melanin in the hair resulting in the hair becoming thinner and softer until it naturally falls off completely, leaving you with more complete and permanent hair removal.

  • Q2: What is intense pulsed light(IPL)?

    IPL technology is a beam of light that converts energy to heat that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, gradually preventing the hair from growing. The gentle beam of light is safe and painless, and with Skin Rejuvenation (SR) your skin ends up looking smooth and delicate.

  • Q3: How to use this remover?

    Use the JOVS hair remover in just two easy steps. First, shave the hair off the surface you want to treat. Second, press the device against the skin to emit a gentle pulse of light to the hair root(twice on each treatment area). Use it three times a week for the first two weeks to slow hair growth and twice a week for the 3rd and 4th week to achieve permanent hair removal. After the treatment period, JOVS can be used once a month to do any touch-up that may be needed.  

  • Q4: Are there any side effects?

    There are no side effects. Adopting the US high-intensity pulsed light (HIPL) technology, this hair remover is used with JOVS optical filters, which can filter out all useless light such as ultraviolet rays, allowing useful light to reach hair follicles and eliminating any light-induced side effects which might harm the skin.

  • Q5: What countries can you ship your products to?

    We ship internationally.

  • Q6: How does your product compare to other hair remover devices on the market?

    Our product has been hailed as one of the safest and most effective hair removal devices on the market with ten international safety certifications. The flexibility of the 330° rota-table head makes hair removal easy, and the various optical filters allow for more precision treatment without harming the skin.

  • Q7: Who can use JOVS Vebus Pro II?

    This device can be used by anyone with skin types I to V on the Fitzpatrick Scale. If you have a very dark skin tone (type VI) please don't use this device. JOVS Venus Pro IIcan be used to treat dark blonde to black hair types, but cannot treat light blonde, red, or grey hairs.