JOVS X Lamborghini
JOVS X Lamborghini
JOVS X Lamborghini
JOVS X Lamborghini
JOVS X Lamborghini
JOVS X Lamborghini

JOVS X Lamborghini

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JOVS x Lamborghini- Limited-edition Worldwide Launch

Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, more healthy-looking skin.

DREAM THAT IS JOVS x Lamborghini

Originating from the pursuit to harness the spirit of technology and art, JOVS x Lamborghini uses an advanced approach to achieve a perfect balance of technological inspiration and the beauty of the imagination. We jointly entered the personal care field, thinking about how to incorporate exquisite craftsmanship and technology to create every piece of science and technology that can stand the test of time and touch people's hearts in terms of performance and efficacy.


*Data from the JOVS BEAUTY LAB shows after one treatment of the extra strength mode, hair growth is reduced by 92%. After just 2 to 3 treatments, 80% of subjects showed softer, thinner hair, dark spot reduction by 58%, and skin tone improved by 33%. (Individual results may vary)

Patented cooling system
Pioneer Optoelectronics System

*Exclusive, high-energy photoelectric system, comparable to other first-class professional hair removal centers.
No other hair removal devices currently use this system.


  • Hair removal

    Precision and painless 6 modes

  • Skin beauty

    SR photon rejuvenation FIR far-infrared

  • Skin care
    Skin care

Smart-circuit capability for worry-free hair removal for those sensitive areas

Each part of our body has different hair characteristics regarding shape, thickness, and hair follicle depth. Our professional hair removal device allows you to adjust the intensity accordingly to treat those sensitive areas with the utmost care and precision.









Only once a week,
Revolutionizing hair removal frequency!

Multi-effect repair,
stimulating skin elasticity and brightens skin tone

Graphene Enhanced Farinfrared

Removes spots, anti-aging, skin firming properties, breathable pores, natural exfoliation.
The graphene-enhanced FIR waves resonate with the human body, improving nutrient absorption, stimulating skin repair.

JOVS x Lamborghini Interactive system, skincare visualization platform

Smart screen display, flash-counter interface, easy operation with user-friendly mode adjustment.
Create your own personal hair-management cycle so that beauty can be traced.


Meet a variety of usage scenarios

Filter head

Child lock

Auto mode

Unlimited flashes

Automatic shutdown protection


Innovative Global Personal Care Brand

Certifications of Global Reward

Accurate, safe and efficientHair removal takes effect quickly, does not damage skin.

European Union CE marking

Food and Drug Administration

Korean KC Certification

Federal Communications Commission

Product Safety Electrical Apliance & Material

European Union WEEE

Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive

Nationaler Standard

CQx Mark Certification

SGS China


A sentence or two introducing your brand, what you sell, and what makes your brand compelling to customers.

1. have off any hair from the surface and clean the treatment area.

(It is recommended to use lubricating foam before shaving, DO NOT DRY SHAVE!)

2. Connect the hair removal device to the power source, and swipe the screen left or right to find the corresponding treatment mode.

(Skin-cooling ICE technology is activated when device is turned on)

3. Briefly press the power button to cycle between the different intensity levels. It is recommended to start low and gradually work up to the level that is right for you. The higher the intensity, the better the efficacy.

4. Put on your safety goggles, then press the lamp head of the hair removal device vertically against the skin. Once the device is firmly against the skin, press the light button to start the hair removal treatment, then move to the next area.

(Hold down the light button for 2 seconds to engage the continuous flash function, allowing for larger areas to be treated)

5. Once hair removal treatment is complete, replace the existing filter attachment with the SR+FIR filter attachment. Once attached, cycle to the SR+FIR setting and apply to the treatment area for more delicate, smooth skin.

6. Do not allow the treatment site to get wet or apply any skincare products to the treatment site for the next 6 hours following hair removal.


What is the basic principle behind hair removal?

We have all experienced those dark spots, stubble, and other unsightly scenes caused by remaining hair follicles after unsuccessful traditional hair removal methods. JOVS Hair Remover uses intense pulsed light(IPL) technology to isolate the melanin in the hair resulting in the hair becoming thinner and softer until it naturally falls off completely, leaving you with more complete and permanent hair removal.

What is intense pulsed light(IPL)?

IPL technology is a beam of light that converts energy to heat that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, gradually preventing the hair from growing. The gentle beam of light is safe and painless, and with Skin Rejuvenation (SR) your skin ends up looking smooth and delicate.

How to use this remover?

Use the JOVS hair remover in just two easy steps. First, shave the hair off the surface you want to treat. Second, press the device against the skin to emit a gentle pulse of light to the hair root(twice on each treatment area). Use it three times a week for the first two weeks to slow hair growth and twice a week for the 3rd and 4th week to achieve permanent hair removal. After the treatment period, JOVS can be used once a month to do any touch-up that may be needed.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects. Adopting the US high-intensity pulsed light (HIPL) technology, this hair remover is used with JOVS optical filters, which can filter out all useless light such as ultraviolet rays, allowing useful light to reach hair follicles and eliminating any light-induced side effects which might harm the skin.

What countries can you ship your

We ship internationally.

How does your product compare to other hair remover devices on the market?

Our product has been hailed as one of the safest and most effective hair removal devices on the market with ten international safety certifications. The flexibility of the 180° rota-table head makes hair removal easy, and the various optical filters allow for more precision treatment without harming the skin.