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Meeting with Stars: Xiaoxiao Cao

Broadway is undeniably an extremely competitive field for dancers, one that often requires dancers to train day and night for years before they can even begin auditioning for Broadway shows. Xiaoxiao Cao, who’s traveled across the ocean from China had to overcome countless obstacles, but finally, set made it to New York’s Broadway. Through her hard work and dedication, currently she’s become the only Chinese ballerina in iconic ballets like The Phantom of the Opera.

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Meeting with Stars: Saverio Pescucci

It’s every dancer’s dream to make it to Broadway, whether you’re from the U.S. or halfway around the world in Tuscany, Italy, like Saverio Pescucci. Through dedication and determination, he’s been able to travel around the world doing what he loves the most, ballet, performing for widely recognized companies like He’s danced for worldwide ballet companies like The Finnish National Ballet. Most recently he’s taken the stage on Broadway as a soloist in The Phantom of the Opera.

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Meeting with Stars: Rachel Thalman
The ultimate dream of any professional ballet dancer is to make it to New York, and Rachel Thalman has done just that. She’s an accomplished and versatile dancer who’s graced countless stages, and now she’s taking the dance world by...
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