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JOVS Blacken Photorejuvenation Device
JOVS Blacken Photorejuvenation Device
JOVS Blacken Photorejuvenation Device
JOVS Blacken Photorejuvenation Device
JOVS Blacken Photorejuvenation Device
JOVS Blacken Photorejuvenation Device
JOVS Blacken Photorejuvenation Device

JOVS Blacken Photorejuvenation Device

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  • Smart Ice control of Hair Removal Device Skin Brightening
  • Upgraded Intesity of Hair Removal Device Spot Reducing
  • SR of Hair Removal Device Redness Reducing
  • Evens skin tone and brightens the skin by one shade value, stimulates collagen which helps smooth the skin, anti-aging, skin tightening and lifting. Pre-sale, Shipping August 1st.
  • Fades stubborn spots and acne marks, painless and harmless.the ideal tool to tackle acne or age spots on your face and body.
  • Improves red blood silk and repairs skin barrier, 4 weeks treatment of remove spots and skin rejuvenation.
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2 Year

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Invisible Mole Sticker



500-650nm DPL precise narrow spectrum technology

Sapphire cooling surface area

Intelligent continuous flash makes for easier handling

4 weeks treatment of light spots and skin brightening

JOVS Blacken  Photorejuvenation Device

Radiant Skin + Spots and Acne Marks Reducing + Redness Reducing

28 days monitoring showed the whitening of light spots

Mild and painless feeling

Improved skin dullness

The spots and acne marks were diluted

Redness was improved

DPL precise narrow spectrum technology

The wave band is 500-650nm, which is the absorption peak of melanin and oxygenated hemoglobinThe absorption rate of precise narrow spectrum melanin is twice that of traditional photons, and the absorption rate of hemoglobin is three times that of traditional photons

Sapphire cooling surface area

Light waves act on the dermis of the skin and generate heat that positively affects the circulation Sapphire-based technology can protect the skin surface and prevent heat damage

Three modes, full whitening effect, all in one device

Skin care refuses "Surface-level solutions" Only by solving the root of the problem can you achieve a real whitening effetct

Sapphire freezing painless rejuvenation

Sapphire freezing

Intelligent continuous flash

Radiant skin

Full face rejuvenation, use once (use continuous flash mode)

Aims at facial redness
multiple use

Aims at spots & pockmarks
multiple use

Before & After

Radiant Skin

Spot reducing and acne marks

Reduces redness

Why choose JOVS Blacken Photorejuvenation Device

Professional-grade effect, more convenient and cost-effective



Let’s Answer Your Questions

  • Q1: What is the frequency of use?

    2-3 times a week (recommended)

  • Q2: Any preparation before the treatment?

    ① Clean your face; use a hydration mist spray if your skin feels dry② If you have been exposed heavily to the sun in the last 3 days, we do not recommend you to use it ③ Test the device on the inner part of your arm, and check for any reaction after 1 hour. If any reaction occurs, do not use the device

  • Q3: What should I be aware of after the treatment?

    ①Use a cooling mask to calm the skin ②Do not wash your face with hot water ③Avoid sun for a minimum of 48 hours ④Avoid all special-purposed skin care products

  • Q4: What type of people are not suitable for this device?

    Under 16 years of age, women during pregrancy, lactation, menstruation, people with scars, people with sensitive skin

  • Q5: How to take care of the device?

    Use a cotton pad with a 75% alcohol solution for cleaning